Role of a project owner

A project owner is a role within a project which assigns complete control of the project to a user with that role. For example, it allows a user with project ownership to:

  • View all project members
  • View all organizations
  • Add/remove project members
  • Add/remove organizations from a project
  • Edit project member permissions
  • Edit project member roles
  • View all items provided by their subscription (i.e. all project requirements, bugs, tasks, documents, milestones, test coverage items)
  • Configure project settings
  • View time entry reports
  • View project dashboard

By default, the creator of a project is a project owner.  There may be multiple project owners, but there must be at least one in a project. Once additional users are added to the project, the project owner may choose to assign additional project owners or assign a replacement project owner if they wish to change their role. 


All project owners have the same permissions, and these permissions cannot be edited by any project member, including other project owners. 


Project ownership is reserved only for users of internal organizations. 

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