Test Case Overview

A test case is intended to test a specific behavior of the product. A test case is therefore comprised of one or more actions and the expected result for each action. Together, the actions and their results confirm the behavior of the product as intended. Each pair of an action and its expected result is what we call a test case step. Therefore, a test case is comprised of one or more test case steps. It is not necessary for a test case to have multiple steps. It depends totally on what the test case is intended to test. Test cases may also have preconditions. 


When the steps of a test case are tried on a product, which means running the test case on the product, it is called an execution of that test case. A test case can only be executed if the test case status is in Final status. 


A test case status is either Draft or Final, and there can be one or more test case versions. 


Test cases are typically defined for a product, based on the definition or specification of product behavior (which we formally call Requirements). A test case that is not based on product specification is called a standalone test case.


The test case feature is available to users with test coverage permissions for the project. Project owners can manage the permissions of project members.  

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