What is a draft and final test case status?

A test case can have one of two statuses, Draft or Final. When a test case is created, it is automatically in the Draft status. A Draft status indicates that the test case is being written up with the steps and possible preconditions.


Once a test case is completely defined, it can be put into the Final status. Once it is put in the Final status, it can not be marked as Draft again and its steps and precondition can no longer be edited.


Only test cases that are in the Final status can be used in testing. This is because once a test case is used in testing, its steps or precondition cannot be altered as that could invalidate the results of any prior testing. To modify a test case after it is in Final status, a new version of that test case must be derived. 


The test case feature is available to users with test coverage permissions for the project. Project owners can manage the permissions of project members.  

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