Requirement reviewer operations

A reviewer may perform the below operations on a requirement's current version which is in Waiting for Review status:

  • Start a Review
  • Accept
  • Request Changes


To perform these operations, click on the Start Review button. This will be available in the main details window if the user is a reviewer. If the user has already started the review, the button will instead read Continue Review Once clicked, a right sidebar will expand and provide options to accept the review or comment/request changes. 


Alternatively, these actions can also be completed in the reviewers space reviewer.svg in the the right sidebar of the requirement's details window. Click the current status and select the desired status from the dropdown. To request changes, you must provide feedback in the notes section in order to submit the request.


Comments made when changes have been requested will appear as a chat dialog. Click the comments.svg icon in the requirement's reviewer window (which is different from the chat box located in the requirements vertical sidebar on the right). If there is no comments.svg icon present, then no comments have been made yet to request changes. 


Reviewers may change between requirement versions. You may also change your status until the requirement is marked Final, even if you have already accepted. 


Reviewers must have project permissions to view and edit the requirements to perform this action. 

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