Admin privileges / Admin access

If you have Admin privileges, setting up your team and organizations will be done in the Admin module. This can be found as the Admin icon admin.svg in the main vertical menu on the left side of the window.


Users with admin rights in their organization may do the following:

  • Users
    • Add a new user
    • Edit user info (email and organization)
    • Activate users
    • Deactivate users
    • Copy and Resend activation links
    • Remove users
  • Organizations
    • Add new organizations
    • View organization info
    • Edit organization info 
    • Delete organizations 
  • Organization's Projects
    • View all organization's projects
    • Add new projects 
    • Add members to projects 
    • Remove members from projects
    • Edit permissions for members 
    • Add organizations to projects
    • Remove organizations from projects
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