Derive a new requirement version

Finalizing a requirement freezes it forever and it can no longer be edited as is. To edit it, a new version of the requirement must be derived.


To derive a new requirement version, click the Derive New Version button which is only available on the latest version of the requirement if it is in Final status. The latest version marked as Final is the only version for which a new version can be derived. 


When deriving a new version, the user will have an option to carry over attributes (i.e. co-owners, reviewers, contributors, linked tasks, linked bugs and test cases). To carry over certain attributes, make sure the appropriate box is checked and then click Yes. Otherwise, click Proceed Without Carry Forward to derive a new version without carrying over the attributes to the new version. 


Users will need to have project permissions to view and edit the requirement to perform this action. Depending on the settings of the user's project permissions, they may be able to view all the project requirements or just a subset of them. Users added to a specific requirement as a contributor, reviewer or co-owner will be able to view it. 

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