Enhancement requests in detail

Enhancement requests can be created to address them in future requirement versions. They are usually requested by stakeholders for a given feature of a product or goal. Such a request, when included in a requirement version planned for a release, goes through the approval process for that requirement version.
PERMISSIONS: Users will need permissions to the Requirements module to utilize the features in this article. Depending on the settings of a user's project permissions, they may be able to see all requirements, or a subset of them. The content a user can view and edit may vary between project members. Project owners manage the permissions of project members. 

Creating a New Enhancement Request



An enhancement request can be made in the Enhancement Requests tab of the requirement. Click + New to open up a window to enter in the detail of the enhancement requests. This will create an enhancement request, but it will not associate it with a requirement version. 

Alternatively, an enhancement request can be added from the Versions tab. When viewing the latest version which is in Draft mode, click menu-vertical.svg next to owner name. Select New ER from the dropdown. Creating an enhancement request through the Versions tab will automatically add it to that version. It may still be removed if the requirement version is still in Draft.

When an enhancement request is added to a requirement version, it will move along the review process with the requirement.  Also, when an enhancement request is added to a requirement version, it can no longer be deleted. You would need to remove it from a version to make this option available. 


Including existing enhancement requests to a requirement version

If an enhancement request has already been made for the requirement, you may include it in the latest Draft version. Click on Versions tab of the requirement, then click menu-vertical.svg next to owner name. Select Include ERs from the dropdown. A pop-up will appear where you can select the appropriate enhancement requests by clicking its checkbox, then click Add. 



Finding the version an enhancement request is included

In the Enhancement Requests tab of the requirement, you will be able to see a list of requests and the version it is added to, if it is added to a version. If it is not, you will see a menu menu-vertical.svg button with an option to delete the enhancement request. 




Delete and Remove enhancement requests

If an enhancement request is not yet added to a requirement version, it may be deleted by clicking on its menu iconmenu-vertical.svgin the Enhancement Requests tab. Choose Delete and you will be prompted to confirm. Deletion is permanent.  

If the enhancement request is already added to a version number, there will be no option to delete it in the Enhancement Requests tab. In place of the menu iconmenu-vertical.svgwill be the version number the enhancement request is added to. You will need to go to the Versions tab, and to that specific version to remove it as an enhancement request first.



Remove enhancement requests from a version

In the Versions tab, click on the menu iconmenu-vertical.svg and choose Remove from this version. Note that you are only able to remove an enhancement request from versions in Draft status. Once a version is marked as Final, you will not be able to remove the enhancement request. 


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