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Find requirements you are associated with as a reviewer

Reviewing a requirement

Requesting changes to a requirement

Accepting a requirement


Find requirements you are associated with as a reviewer

You can find the requirements for which you are reviewer on your Dashboard. Click on the Dashboard icon dashboard.svg, and the requirements will be listed in the right most section under My Requirements under Waiting for Review. Click on the requirement number to open to the requirement. 



Reviewing a requirement

You can find all the reviewers of a requirement by clicking on the reviewer.svg icon on the right side vertical menu.


Once assigned a requirement, your status will be Review Requested. To change your status during the review, click the current status to select the desired one from the drop down. As a requirement reviewer, there are three options to provide feedback. Note that once you change your status to any of these three, you can no longer be removed as a reviewer unless that requirement is retracted back for edits. 

  • Start Review - To let others know you have started reviewing the requirement
  • Approve - Approve of the current version of the requirement
  • Request Changes - Request changes to the current version of the requirement



During the review, you may want to post or view comments. To do this, click the comments.svg within the Reviewer's box. To reply to a specific comment, hover the mouse over the comment until a  menu-horizontal.svg  icon appears. Click it and select Reply



Requesting changes to a requirement

To request changes to a requirement, click the Request Changes button in the Reviewer's box. Input your requested changes and hit Submit. This will put the requirement in the Changes Requested status. 




Accepting a requirement

If you approve of a requirement, change your status to Accept. You will be asked to confirm in a confirmation window prior to your status changing. Until the Requirement is marked final, you will still be able to change your status.


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