Who can edit a requirement?

Who can edit a specific requirement version?

  • Requirement owners
  • Requirement contributors of the specific version who also have project permissions to view and edit the requirement


Who can be added as a contributor to a specific requirement version?

  • Any members of the project that have access to the requirements module 


Who can add a contributor to the specific requirement version?

  • Requirement owner
  • Requirement contributors of the specified version 


To add a contributor, click on the requirement to view the details window, and click Add Contributors. Available project members to add will appear in the list. Click on their name to select, and then click Add


To edit a requirement description for a version, click the Editedit.svg button to begin editing. Multiple team members can edit the description simultaneously. Changes are auto-saved. Click Doneexit-history.svg to exit collaborative editing. Note that changes to a description is allowed only when the requirement is in Draft status. 


If you are unable to edit a requirement, the following may be the case:

  • You are not added as a contributor to that specific requirement version
  • The version you are trying to edit is not in Draft status
  • The settings of your project permissions do not let you view and edit in requirements


Project owners can add project members and manage their permissions within the project. 

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