Create a bug from a failed test case

Bugs can be created directly from a failed test case. During test case execution, if a test case step is marked as fail test-case-fail-fill.svg, a bug icon bug.svg will appear on right of the test case title row. This can be clicked to create a bug, and once clicked the bug icon bug.svg will be replaced by a bug ID. Clicking on the bug ID will open up the bug details where the title is defaulted to the test case title. The failed test case will be linked and listed above the bug description area.


Note that for traceability, once a bug is created from a failed test case it will not be able to be removed or disassociated. The test case will need to be re-tested.


Users will need view and edit permissions in BOTH the test coverage module and the bugs module to to create a bug from a test case. Depending on the settings of a users project permissions, users may be able to view all project builds or just a subset of them. Project owners manage the permissions for project members.  

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