Test Plans in Detail

A test plan is a document that covers various aspects of testing a hardware or software product. It defines a process around the testing effort for the hardware or software product under test.


PERMISSIONS: Users will need permissions to the Test Coverage module to utilize the features in this article. Depending on the settings of a user's project permissions, they may be able to see all test plans or a subset of them. The content a user can view and edit may vary between project members. Project owners manage the permissions of project members. 



A test plan typically comprises or is derived from:

      • Requirement-driven test strategies
      • Quality assurance objectives and metrics
      • Resource requirements for testing
      • Test platforms and environment (hardware and software)
      • Release schedules
      • Effort estimation

Test plans can be created and edited at any time while the project is in Open status. 



classic-view.svg List View - View of all the test plans as a flat list with select details such as test plan ID, title, creator, and the date the tes plan was last updated. 

page-view.svg Page View - View of the all the test plans as a list on the left side of the window, and the content of the selected test plan on the right. 


Create a Test Plan

If this is the project's first test plan, you will see the below screen from where you can create a new test plan.  Click the New Test Plan button. Add a title for the test plan and press return/enter or click on the Save button. 




A test plan can be edited simultaneously by multiple users. In the test plan details window, click Editedit.svg in the test plan window to start the collaborative editing mode. The test plan is auto-saved, and clicking Done exit-history.svg will exit collaborative editing.




Edit the title of a test plan

The title of the test plan can be edited at any time the project while the project is in Open status. To edit the title, hover the mouse over the test plan title and click the edit edit.svg button when it appears. Edit the title and click checkmark.svg to save, or click close.svg or outside the title edit area to cancel editing.



Delete a test plan

To delete a test plan, click on the menu icon menu-vertical.svgon the right side next to the title. Select delete.svgDelete, and select Yes in the following confirmation window to permanently delete the test plan. Once deleted, it cannot be recovered again. Deleting a test plan can only be done if the project is in Open status. 



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