Test Suites in Detail

A test suite is a group of related test cases categorized together. They can be grouped together by type (unit tests, integration tests), by modules or areas, etc.


PERMISSIONS: Users will need permissions to the Test Coverage module to utilize the features in this article. Depending on the settings of a user's project permissions, they may be able to see all test suites or a subset of them. The content a user can view and edit may vary between project members. Project owners manage the permissions of project members. 


Help Topics

Create a new test suite

Test case description 

Add test cases to test suites

Remove test cases from a test suite

Delete a test suite


Create a new test suite

Click the New Test Suite button and a pop up will appear to add a title. Add a title for the test suite and press return/enter or click on the Save button.



Test case description 

To enter in a description, click description.svg located on the right side of the window to expand the description pane. Click Editedit.svg in the test plan window to start the collaborative editing mode. The description is auto-saved, and clicking Done exit-history.svg will exit collaborative editing.



Add test cases to test suites

To add test cases to a test suite, click menu-vertical.svg on the right side of the title row and select Add Test Cases. Select the required test cases from the popup and click Add. If there are multiple versions of a test case, you may choose the version to include in the test suite. Test case versions that are marked as the Current Version are indicated by a green approved.svg icon. 

Note that in a build, you will be able to add both requirements, test suites, and standalone test cases. All test cases linked to a requirement will be included in the build. 



Note that links between test cases and requirements can be found in two places. In the specific test case, it can be found in the left side vertical menu under the test case icon linked_test_case.png. The second location is in the requirement's detail window, click the test-coverage.svg icon in the vertical menu to view the associated test cases. 



View linked requirements from the test case details window



View linked test cases from the requirement details window


Remove test cases from a test suite

In the details window of the specific test case, click the menu iconmenu-vertical.svg on the right of the desired test case row. Select Remove and click Yes on the following confirmation window to remove the test case from the suite. 



Delete a test suite

To delete a test suite, click the menu iconmenu-vertical.svg for the specific test suite. Click delete.svgDelete and confirm to finalize. Deleted test suites are deleted permanently and are not recoverable. 


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