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The Time Entries tab will allow you to view time spent on the project each day. You may search by comments made in the entries, and it is filterable by assignee. 

PERMISSIONS: Users will need Time Entry Access to utilize the features in this article. Depending on the settings of a user's project permissions, they may be able to see entries from all project members, entries from just a subset of members, or just their own entries. The content a user can view and edit may vary between project members. Project owners may provide or adjust access in the Project's Info tab. Navigate to the Members tab in the secondary horizontal menu. Click themenu-vertical.svgbutton for the specific member and select Edit Permissions



Time entries made by project members in the various modules can be viewed in the Time Entries tab. Members who are a Project Owner and those with Time Entry Access permissions will be able to view time entries.

If all date entries in the Time Entry report read "No Time Entries to show", it may be due to the following: 

  • There may actually be no entries made by users in the displayed timeframe. 
  • Your project permissions restrict you from viewing time entries from other users and organizations


Navigating the Time Entries Tab


  • Filter - Use to narrow down the search by assignee or multiple assignees. Users that are restricted to viewing only their own entries will not have a filter option. 
  • Navigation & Date - Use the right and left navigation arrows  left-circle-arrow.svg right-circle-arrow.svg to scroll between weeks. The dates can be found at the top of each column. 
  • Total Hours - The total hours is shown below the date, and next to the day. It is the sum of the hours for each of the time entries shown in the column. 
  • Time Entries - The time entries will show the assignee name, the specific linked bug/requirement/task, and the hours spent for that entry. You may click on the bug/requirement/task title to open up the details window for that item. Hovering over the  info.svg icon will display details of the time entry. 


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