Notifications screen

The notifications screen, indicated by the notification.svg icon near the top right corner, provides a list of new project activities and responsibilities. Read on for a deep dive into this screen. 



  • Notification Details - Each notification will show a new activity or responsibility for you, and who assigned/created it. Additionally, it will call out associated project items such as requirements, tasks, or bugs. The project code will also be shown in a blue box on the right side of the notification line. 


  • Menu - Clicking on the menu-vertical.svg icon will show options to delete notifications. The options are to Delete All, Delete older than 15 days, or Delete older than 30 days. When you click on an option, the subsequent notifications will be removed from your Notifications. 



  • Unread indicator - If a notification is unread, it will have a red numbered circle on the notification icon. It will also be indicated next to the Notification screen name in parenthesis.  


  • Mark as Read  - When an unread notification is clicked, it will remove the unread indicator from the notification. Once a notification is marked as read, it cannot be marked as unread again. 



  • Mark all as read - Clicking on this button will mark all unread notifications as read. Visually, all unread indicators shown as solid purple dots will be removed. 

If there is no mark all as read button, this indicate that all notifications have been read. 


  • Filter - The filter will allow views of only read notifications or show only unread notifications. Click on the down-arrow-fill.svg to expand the drop down for these filter options. 



  • Delete Notification - To delete a notification, hover your mouse over the notification until a delete icondelete.svg appears on the right side of the notification's row. Click on the icon and confirm the deletion with the pop up message. 


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