Projects screen

In the Projects screen, indicated by the project.svg icon in the left main vertical menu, you will be able to view all the projects for which you are a member as well as create projects if you are an internal user. Please note that Client and Vendor users will not be able create projects. 

In the Projects screen, you will be able to choose between a Card View card-view.svg or List View classic-view.svg.  The quick details available in these screens are the project number, project code, title, status, and shortened list of project members. 



Card View



List View


Clicking on the menu icon menu-vertical.svg will open a drop down where you can do the following:

  • Edit the title (available to project owners)
  • Copy project link
  • Open the project in a new tab
  • Delete the project (available to project owners under certain constraints)



To move onto creating projects, please see Set up a project with Members & Organizations. 



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