Dashboard screen

The Dashboard screen, indicated by the  dashboard.svg  icon on the main left vertical menu, gives an overview of tasks and responsibilities, and focuses on three main areas:

  • Due Today - List of the items (tasks, subtasks, bugs, requirements, test sessions) that are due for you today. 
  • Overdue and Upcoming
    • Overdue - List of items which are overdue, i.e. have passed their due dates. 
    • Upcoming - List of items which have their due date in the future. The date range will show, and can be changed using the date picker tool. 
  • My Requirements, My Tasks, My Bugs
    • My Requirements - This section has two subsections. The first is Waiting for Review, which are requirements awaiting your review. The second subsection is Owned by Me, which are requirements owned by you.
    • My Tasks - List of tasks and subtasks assigned to you. 
    • My Bugs - List of bugs assigned to you.

Please note that depending on your account permissions, all the areas listed above may not be available to you. Contact the system Admin to understand your permissions. 


When you are a new user, there will be no items listed in the columns. As you are assigned responsibilities, they will appear in the Dashboard. 




Each of the 3 sections and their subsections have search fields which you can enter in title keywords or an id number (i.e. a task can be searched for by id number T-1 or just 1).


Date Picker

In the Upcoming section, you will be able to define your list with the date picker. Simply click on the current dates shown and choose a begin and end date from the calendar pop-up.  The default date range is 1 week starting from the next day.




Priority Highlight

The priority of tasks, bugs, and requirements will be highlighted in their corresponding color on the each item's left side.  The below tables outline the colors and the corresponding priorities. 

Bugs and Tasks
mceclip1.png Essential product feature
mceclip3.png Important, but the product can work without these
mceclip2.png Nice to have but not required
mceclip4.png Information only that can wait


mceclip8.png High priority
mceclip6.png Medium priority
mceclip7.png Low priority








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