Documents overview

The documents section allows users to create, organize and collaborate on all the team's project documents in one place. Create documents, project wikis, project schedules, client documents, technical documents, road maps, OKRs and training/on-boarding guides and collaborate with your team.


The user will need view permissions in documents to view document section entities, and they will need edit permissions to create, edit and upload to the documents section.  Depending on the settings of a user's project permissions, they may be able to view all documents and folders, or just a subset of them. The same is true for viewing the list of project members to share files - a user may be able to view all project members or just a subset. Contact a project owner for user permissions. 


Public files are viewable to any users with view access to the Documents section. Folders are public entities, as well as any entities marked as public. Entities specifically shared to a member will be viewable to them. 

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