Adding a new folder

Navigate to the Documents tab in a project. When the Documents folder is empty initially, you will see an introduction screen where you will have options to add a new folder, text document, or upload files.  When no content is added to the Documents tab, click on the New Folder button. When content is already present, click on the New button on the top right corner and choose Folder from the drop down. A pop up will appear to where you will be prompted to add a title for your new folder. Click Save to finalize, or Save & New to save the folder and immediately create another folder. 


Alternatively in tree view, you may right click on a folder and choose New Folder to add a folder directly to the folder. 


The user will need view and edit permissions in documents to create, edit and upload to the documents section. Depending on the settings of a user's project permissions, they may be able to view all documents and folders, or just a subset of them.


Public files and folders are public entities that can be viewed by project members with view permissions in Documents. Entities specifically shared to a member will be viewable to them. 

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