Requirement types and creating a custom type

Custom requirement types are for creating a customized workflow specific to the project. Project owners and users with permission to configure project settings can create custom types.


Navigate to Settings in the projects primary horizontal menu, then to the Requirements Type tab in Settings and clicking Add Custom Type. It is required to add a name for the custom type and prefix. Adding a description for this custom type is optional. Click on the description.svg icon to expand a text area where a description can be added. Click Save to add the custom type. 


To make a custom type usable within the project, make sure it's checkbox is populated to enable it.  By default upon creation, the checkbox for the newly created type will be checked. A checked box means that the type is added to the project for use.  


To edit, click on the menu menu-vertical.svgicon for the desired type and choose edit.svgEdit. Complete your edits and click Update to finalize your changes. 

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