Billing Overview

Admins will be able to access a Billing tab in the Admin module admin.svg on the main left vertical pane. Depending on the subscription status, this Billing screen will appear different. 

  • Users using a free trial: If you are currently under a Free Trial, your Billing tab will have a single Subscription sub tab. In this sub tab you will be able to compare the cost and features between the available plans, total number of users in your plan, and your free trial start and end dates. 
  • Users signed up with a subscription: If you are currently signed up for a plan, you will have three tabs available: Subscription, Payment, Invoices.
    • Subscription tab: View current pricing plan, features included in your plan, start and end dates of your plan, billing type (monthly or yearly), number of active/billable users, unit price, upcoming bill estimate and bill date. You will also be able to change your plan or cancel your subscription from this tab.
    • Payment tab: View and edit your current payment card, add a payment card, view and edit your billing address, view and edit your business details.
    • Invoices tab: View invoice details, status, download invoices and receipts, and manage recipients. 
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