Milestone statuses

There are four available statuses for milestones which are determined by the current date and the milestone's start and due dates. They are as follows: 

  • Upcoming - Milestone start date is later than the current date
  • In Progress - Current date is between the milestone start date and due date
  • Completed - Current date has passed the due date and all bugs, tasks, and test sessions are complete
  • Overdue - Current date is later than due date and there remains open bugs, tasks, and/or test sessions. 

Below are the acceptable statuses for a milestone to be marked complete:
Bug: Not a bug, Closed, Deferred
Task: Completed, Deferred
Test Session: Final, Aborted


Any active user who is a project member can view milestones. To view the Tasks, Bugs, and Test Sessions tabs within milestones, a user will need view permissions in their project settings for those respective tabs. 

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