Build execution status

The build execution status indicates the execution status of the build. The below outlines the various statuses:

  • Setup in progress (with no dropdown down-arrow.svg option) - This is the initial status when a build has been created. If there is no dropdown available, then no requirements, test suites or standalone test cases have been added yet.
  • Setup in Progress down-arrow.svg (with dropdown down-arrow.svg option) - When at least one requirement, test suite or standalone case is added to the build, then the build can be released for testing. There is a dropdown option now to Release For Testing. This will allow a build to be ready for testing mode.
  • Released for testing (with no dropdown down-arrow.svg option) - The build was released for testing, no test sessions were started, and then any and all added requirements, test suites, and standalone test cases were removed. At least one requirement, test suite, and/or standalone test case should be added before starting a test session.
  • Released for Testingdown-arrow.svg (with dropdown down-arrow.svg option) - The build has been released for testing, but no test sessions have started. The Released for Testing down-arrow.svg button will be a dropdown with an option to revert back to setup mode.

    Users can click on the Released for Testing down-arrow.svg button and choose Setup in Progress to revert the build back to setup up. Note that once a test session has started, the option to revert back to setup will not be available. However, additional requirements, test suites, and standalone test cases can still be added to the build for future test sessions.

  • Start Test Sessionright-arrow.svg - This stage is the same as the above stage. The build is ready for testing mode. No test session has been started yet, and in this stage the build can still be reverted back to setup up.

    Click on the Start Test Session right-arrow.svg button to start the build's first test session. When additional requirements, test suites and/or standalone test cases are added to the build, it will only be added to future test sessions.

  • New Test Session right-arrow.svg - There has been at least one test session started. The build's banner will read Released for Testing. There is no longer an option to revert the build back to setup.Clicking on the New Test Sessionright-arrow.svg button will start a new test session.

Users will need permissions in the test coverage module to use the build feature. Depending on the settings of a users project permissions, users may be able to view all project builds or just a subset of them. Project owners manage the permissions for project members.

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