CSV file format for task importing

The import feature in tasks allows for bulk task creation from a CSV file rather than manually creating tasks in a project.  The CSV file will need to be a in a standard format, so the fields used in the CSV file can be mapped to the corresponding Xebrio fields. Note that Markdown Text is not supported while importing tasks from CSV. 


The standard format for the provided CSV should be similar to the following:

Title Description Type Status Priority Estimate
Menu wireframes Provide wireframes of the menu layout Development   P1 10
Battery lifecycle Test battery performance over 4K cycles Testing Started P0  


A valid CSV will should return the following below. Note the header row and record rows are separated by commas, including for blank column entries.

Title, Description, Type, Status, Priority, Estimate

Menu wireframes, Provide wireframes of the menu layout, Development,, P1, 10


Users will need view and edit access in the tasks module to import tasks. 

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