Importing a specification template

A specification template can be imported in the requirement tree view tree-view.svg. This allows the reuse of a previously saved hierarchy of requirements, folders and/or text documents. To import a specification template, a template must have been previously saved and available in the Specification Templates secondary tab of the Requirements primary tab. 


To import a specification template into the requirement tree view, right click on the requirement, folder or text document you would like the hierarchy in the template to fall under. Select Specification Template, and then Import in the dropdown. Hover over the desired template until a Select button appears and then click it. Click on the Import button to import the template into the requirement tree. Before selecting, you may also click on the template to preview it.


Alternatively, you may click on the New down-arrow-fill.svg button on the top right corner and select import.svgImport Specification Template


Users will need public view and edit access in the requirements module to perform this action. 

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