Add an enhancement request to a requirement version

In the details window of the specific requirement, make sure you are in the correct version to add the enhancement request (ER). The requirement version must be in draft status, and it must be at least the second version of the requirement. (ERs can be added from the second version and onward. If it's still the first version, an option would be to include the ER details into the first requirement version itself).


When viewing the latest version in Draft mode, click the menu-vertical.svg vertical menu. Select Include ERs... from the dropdown. Mark the checkbox for the desired ER(s) and click Add. Alternatively, an ER may also be created by choosing New ER.. in the menu-vertical.svgvertical menu, and it will automatically be added it to that requirement version. 


All included ERs to a version will be found below the description. 


Users will need project permissions to view and edit the requirement to add a new enhancement request. Depending on the settings of the user's project permissions, they may be able to view all the project requirements or just a subset of them. Users added to a specific requirement as a contributor, reviewer or co-owner will be able to view it. 

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