Requirement info panel

The requirement info panel is found in the details window of each requirement. It is located on the right side vertical menu as the info icon info.svg. Clicking on the icon will expand the info panel, which is specific to the version. The information provided is the estimated hours for the requirement version, date the requirement version was created, and a place to view and add tags. 


The estimated hours is the total hours found in the description area for the version plus any enhancement requests added to the version. 


The estimated hours and tags can be edited only if the version is in draft status. The date created cannot be edited at any time. 


Users will need project permissions to view and edit the requirement to perform this action. Depending on the settings of the user's project permissions, they may be able to view all the project requirements or just a subset of them. Users added to a specific requirement as a contributor, reviewer or co-owner will be able to view it. 

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