Milestones overview

The milestones module allows teams to adopt a systematic and stepwise approach towards delivering the product faster by breaking down deliverables in the most effective way for them. With the milestones module:

  • A project can be broken down in to measurable and achievable goals
  • Milestones can be associated to requirement-linked test cases, bugs, and tasks
  • Assign milestone ownership to individuals so they can be the single point of contact for execution of tasks, bugs, and test cases

Any active user who is a project member can view the project's milestones. Depending on a user's project permissions, when updating milestone ownership, a user may see all the project members of just a subset. Similarly when adding tasks, bugs, test sessions and external items to a milestone, a user may see all of those entities or just a subset. This depends on their project permissions which can be managed by a project owner in the Members tab of a project's primary Info tab. 

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