Link a Jira project

Project owners can link a Jira project to their Xebrio project.  Navigate to the projects primary Info tab and then to the External Apps secondary tab. Click on the Linkdown-arrow-fill.svg button and select Jira in the dropdown. Note that if the Linkdown-arrow-fill.svg button or the Jira option is not there, an Admin will need to enable Jira integration for the system first. 


Once Jira is selected, an Atlassian login authentication popup may appear in a new window and Xebrio will request access to your Atlassian account. Login to your Atlassian account on the popup and click Accept to provide access. 


Once logged in, Xebrio will then show the list of your Jira projects. In the top right corner of the window, there is a dropdown where you can also select the Organization if you are associated to multiple. 


Choose the project you would like to sync and click Next. The listed Jira projects will appear in the next screen. Click Submit to finalize. The Jira project(s) should now appear in the External Apps tab in Xebrio. If there are multiple linked projects, use the arrows left-circle-arrow.svg right-circle-arrow.svg to view them. 


Note that only Project Owners can link projects from third party apps. Project members other than Project Owners will not have this option available or visible to them. 

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