Unlink or remove a Jira issues from a Milestone

Jira issues that are added to a Milestone can be removed if needed. In the specific Milestone, click on the External Items tab. For the Jira issue to be removed, click on its vertical menu menu-vertical.svgand select remove-circle-fill.svgRemove from the dropdown. 


To remove multiple Jira issues simultaneously, select the Jira issues you would like to remove by checking the box for each issue. Click on the Action button and select Remove external items from milestone from the dropdown. The Action button will not be active until at least one task is selected. 


To remove all Jira issues from the milestone. Check the box for the Action, click on the Action button, then select Remove external items from milestone from the dropdown.


Depending on a user's project permissions, they may be able to view all linked Jira issues, or only a subset. Users will need view permissions in the tasks module to remove Jira issues in the Milestones module. Project owners manage the Xebrio permissions for project members. 

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