Add a team member to a project

Project owners can add a member to a project. Navigate to the Info tab in a project's primary horizontal menu, and then to the Members tab in the secondary horizontal menu. Click on Add Project Members to start. 


In the pop-up, select the correct organization for which the user is associated. A list of all available users from the selected organization will appear. If a user is not appearing in the list, ensure that their organization is added to the project and that the user is activated in Xebrio. 


In the list of available users to add, click on the user name to select. For each user, you can set their project role in the top right corner of the pop up. Click Next to configure project permissions for the user, and then click the Add button to confirm your choices.


You may add multiple users at the same time, and they will be given the same roles and permissions.  Member roles and privileges may be edited later. 

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