Unlink or remove a Xebrio task from a requirement

You may unlink (remove) a task from a requirement version in the requirements module. In the desired requirement's detail window, make sure you are in the correct requirement version. Click on the tasks icon task.svg on the right vertical menu. Both Xebrio tasks task.svg and Jira issues Jira_icon.png linked to the requirement version will be listed here.


To unlink a task from the requirement, click on the vertical menu menu-vertical.svgfor the desired task and choose remove-circle-fill.svgRemove.


Alternately, you may unlink a Xebrio task and requirement in the task's details window by clicking the close.svg when you hover your mouse over the requirement, which is listed in the Requirements section. 


Users will need view and edit permissions in both tasks and requirements modules to perform this action. Depending on the user's project permission settings, they may be able to view all project tasks or just a subset of both. Watchers specifically added to the task will be able to view it. 

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