Whats new in Xebrio?

Release V-1.1.22
New Features
  • Export Test Cases to CSV - Easily share test cases beyond Xebrio with the new export feature. By exporting test cases, users can conveniently provide documentation, share testing scenarios, or collaborate with clients, partners, or vendors who may not have direct access to Xebrio platform.
  • Test Summary Report per Build - This feature provides an overview of each build's test results. It includes details such as the total number of test cases, the number of executed test cases, and the breakdown of passed, failed, and skipped test cases. Additionally, the report displays the number of open bugs associated with the build, as well as the number of bugs that have been closed. This feature offers valuable insights into the quality and progress of each build, helping stakeholders assess the testing outcomes effectively. This report can also be exported to CSV.
Release V-1.1.21
New Features
  • Custom Attributes - A custom attribute is a distinct piece of information linked to an object in Xebrio, such as its start or finish date, type, and more. Custom attributes are available for requirements, tasks, and bugs. They are ideal for monitoring particular data tags for Xebrio objects and can be employed as filters to locate information instantly.
  • The left sidebar now offers easy and universal access to settings. You can swiftly create new custom statuses, types, tags, and more that will be available for use across all projects.
  • The JSON export feature for requirements now includes two additional keys: tags and order. The tags key contains a list of tags for the latest requirement version, while the order key shows the sequence number of the exported item in relation to its parent item.
  • A new wizard has been introduced to simplify the creation and modification of custom statuses and types for requirements, tasks, and bugs.
  • With the new 'Sign In' option, the Xebrio website (www.xebrio.com) now provides users an easy way to sign in to their respective Xebrio accounts.
Release V-1.1.20
New Feature
1. IEC 61508 Functional Safety Template IEC 61508 is the best way to achieve functional safety in electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety related systems. It is now being made available as a specification template for defining requirements. With just few clicks you can purchase, import and start defining the requirements using the template. IEC 61508 template is available for one time purchase if the user already has paid subscription. The format is easy to understand and interpret, making it easier for your team to identify which of your products are in compliance with IEC 61508.
2. New UI for Test Case Form Managing test cases, adding test steps have never been easier! Our new test case form has all the possible information on one page, making it easy for you to track your progress. We've now added a table view look-alike UI. It gives the ability to re-arrange test case steps by dragging them around, so you can customize your test process as per your convenience. And that's not all - we've also added an insert image support to the rich text editor in each test case step.
3. Group Actions Group action feature is now been extended for tasks and bugs. Now you can update status, assignee of multiple tasks and bugs in one go. It also provides a way to add tags to multiple tasks and bugs.
4. Past Test Case Executions Executing test cases is a crucial step in the software development process. However, you might miss out on some vital information about your application if you aren't logging those executions properly. With this new feature, you'll be able to track every test case execution from builds and gather valuable insights that will help you understand how your application changes over time. You'll be able to see which tests failed, which were successful, and other important insights.
Release V-
New Features
Milestone Timeline View- No more guessing! With the milestone timeline view, you can see at a glance how your project is progressing. The timeline shows you all the important project milestones in one place, so that you can track your progress easily. You can even filter the milestones by weeks and months, so that you can focus on what's most important to you.
Release V-1.1.19
New Features
  • Risk Assessment View - This view shows the list of items added in a milestone that are potential risks to the completion of this milestone.
  • Bulk Export Requirements to JSON - This feature allows users to easily export requirements to JSON format which later can be utilized to write custom scripts and share the requirements with regulating authorities.
  • Milestone Summary - A summary of the milestone will now be visible in the Info tab when a milestone is viewed in page view.
  • Provided support for adding image attachments in - Test case steps, Test case expected results, Test case actual results, Test session actual results of test cases
Release V-
  • Extended Group Action feature to add tags to requirements.
Release V-1.1.18
New Features
  • Shortcuts - This feature provides a quick options for users to create new items. The options include: Add Time Entries, New Requirement, New Task, New Bug, New Project, Add Users
Release V-
New Features
  • Export tasks and bugs to CSV - This feature allows users to export tasks and bugs which then can be shared outside Xebrio.
Release V-
New Features
  • Export requirements to JSON - Using this option, a requirement with it's direct upstream and downstream requirements can be exported to JSON.
Release V-1.1.17
New Features
  • Export requirements to csv.
  • New options added while deriving a new requirement version. These options would help users to carry forward requirement associated data from version to version.
  • Added new filter named 'Waiting for my review' for filtering specific requirements.
  • Ability to enter time for test cases.
  • Live chat for in-app help support.
  • Support for searching Xebrio Help Center content from the chat widget.
Release V-1.1.14
New Features
  • Time spent by task type - Shows graphical and tabular representation of total time spent in hours on all the tasks for a project by task type by week or month
  • Time spent by bug type - Shows graphical and tabular representation of total time spent in hours on all the bugs for a project by bug type by week or month
  • Additional filters in global search - Project, Task, Bug, Requirement, Test Case, Test Plan, Document, Milestone, and Build.
  • Users with personal GitHub account can now use Github integration feature.
Release V-1.1.13
  • Added the 'Activity' tab for Build - With this, users can view the history of events pertaining to a Build.
  • Displayed total count and pagination on all lists.
  • Supported search in all 'Type' drop-downs in the app.
Release V-1.1.12
New Features
  1. Global Search - It allows users to search across projects in a more widespread way than is allowed today.
  2. New Filter Options - Unscheduled and Overdue filter options for filtering tasks and bugs.
  • Guide Me topics added for adding co-owners to a requirement.
  • Copy link option added for Tasks and Bugs.
  • Added all in one help center page.
Release V-1.1.11
New Features

  1. Requirement Reviewer Status Tracker - Shows reviewer status of all requirements created for a project which are waiting for reviews or awaiting requested changes.
  2. Task Creation Report - Shows the number of tasks created and updated with status over a period of time for a project. It can be viewed in weekly and monthly format.
  3. Bug Creation Report - Shows the number of bugs created and updated with status over a period of time for a project. It can be viewed in weekly and monthly format.
  • Added naming for Xebrio browser tabs.
Release V-1.1.10
New Features

Github Integration
  • Get your GitHub repositories linked in Xebrio projects.
  • Link GitHub pull requests and commits to Xebrio tasks and bugs, merge pull requests and review changes in pull requests then and there itself in the context of a task or bug.
List View

With List View you can -

  • Filter, sort and search tasks and bugs within projects
  • View subtasks with main tasks within same view
  • Claim unassigned tasks and bugs
  • Log time spent working on tasks and bugs within the view

Note: Previous list view is now referred as a Card View.

Release V-1.1.9
New Features
  • Introduced a Guide Me feature to provide quick help to the users and get started with using Xebrio.
  1. New date filters for filtering requirements, tasks, bugs and milestones
  2. View subtasks within List view
  3. Provided a way to add attachments to the test case during the test session
  4. Added a setting to exclude the prefix and the numbers in brackets [] while exporting a report to PDF
  5. Upstream/downstream graph under dependancies tab for each requirement
Release V-1.1.8
New Features
  1. Requirement - Test cases - Execution report with an option to export it to pdf
  2. Test Session Report with an option to export it to pdf
  3. Save text document as template
  4. Export text document to pdf
  1. Filter tasks and bugs lists by requirements
  2. Filter notifications by read, unread, assignment, comment, watcher, reviewer, contributor, ownership, status and project.
  3. Filter tasks and bugs by assignee, status, reporter, priority, etc. while adding them to a milestone.
  4. Badge counts for tasks, bugs, test cases and comments.
Release V-1.1.7
New Features
  1. Import requirements from CSV
  1. Requirement traceability detail view improvements.
  2. Start Test Session button added on requirement test cases and test suite detail page to initiate test sessions from then and there itself.
Release V-1.1.6
Feature Improvements

Editor Copy and paste support for tables in editor

Sequence numbers for:
  1. Test cases linked/created in Requirement
  2. Test cases linked/created in a Test Suite
  3. Requirements/Test Suites/Stand-alone Test cases added in Build
  4. Test cases in Test Session

1. Requirement Tree/Page view will now have following new filters-

  1. Owner
  2. Reviewer
  3. Contributor
  4. Tag
2. Test case Page/List View will now have following new filters-
  1. Type
  2. Flow
  3. Execution Mode
  4. Priority
  5. Status
  6. Owner
3. Build Page/List View will now have following new filters-
  1. Owner
  2. Status
Release V-1.1.5
New Features
  1. Jira Integration
  2. Document View for requirements
  3. Test Case template with 'Choose Template' option
  • New Time Entry UI
Release V-1.1.4
New Features
  1. Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  2. Ability to add tables in editor
  1. Performance improvements for task creation in bulk
  2. Admin filter option added to get a list of users having admin access in the system
  3. Keyword search on 'Import Specification Template' popup
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