Create a requirement from a text template

Text templates allow the reuse of a requirements description content. In the Manage Requirements tab under the Requirements primary tab, click the Newdown-arrow-fill.svg button and select requirement.svg Requirement in the dropdown. Add a title for the requirement, and then click on template.svg Choose a Template. Select the desired template, and click Save


Alternately, a new requirement can also be created from the requirement tree to directly enter it into the proper hierarchy. Right click on the appropriate parent entity, select + New, and then requirement.svg New Requirement and create a requirement from a template in the same way. 


Text templates can be created and managed in the Text Templates secondary tab in the Requirements module. When created and saved, templates are available system wide so they can be used across multiple projects. 


A user must have view and edit permissions in the Requirements module to create requirements. Depending on the settings of the user's project permissions, they may be able to view all the project requirements or just a subset of them. The same is true for viewing the list of project members when adding project contributors, reviewers and co-owners. Users added to a specific requirement as a contributor, reviewer or co-owner will be able to view it. 

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