Link GitHub repositories in a project

Project owners can link GitHub repositories to their Xebrio project.  Navigate to the projects primary Info tab and then to the External Apps secondary tab. Click on the Linkdown-arrow-fill.svg button and select GitHub Repositories in the dropdown. Note that if the Linkdown-arrow-fill.svg button or the GitHub Repositories option is not present, an Admin will need to enable GitHub integration for the system first. 


Once GitHub Repositories is selected from the dropdown, a list of GitHub repositories from the user's account will be provided. Select the desired repositories to link to the Xebrio project by checking the box for the repository's row.  Click Next after completing the selections, and then clicking Link in the next screen to confirm the linking. The linked GitHub repositories will now be shown under the linked repositories for GitHub. If there are multiple linked repositories, use the arrows left-circle-arrow.svg right-circle-arrow.svg to view them. 


In order to perform this action, a GitHub login may appear as a separate pop up window, so please check that pop ups are enabled on your browser. 


Note that only project owners can link projects and repositories from third party apps. Project members other than project owners will not have this option available or visible to them. 

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