Merge a pull request linked to a Xebrio task

A GitHub pull request with an open status, indicated with a open_PR.png icon, can be merged from the Xebrio task for which it is linked. In the detail's window of the specific task, navigate to the GitHub tab and then to the Pull Requests secondary tab. For the desired Github pull request, click on the three dot vertical menu menu-vertical.svg and select merge.png Merge. Once merged, the status of the pull request will change to merged/closed, indicated by the merge_purple.png icon. 


In order to perform this action, a GitHub login may appear as a separate pop up window, so please check that pop ups are enabled on your browser. 


Users will need view and edit permissions in the tasks module to perform this action and GitHub access to the appropriate repositories. Depending on the user's project permission settings, they may be able to view all project tasks or just a subset. Watchers specifically added to the task will be able to view it. 

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