Export tasks as a CSV file

Tasks can be exported as a CSV. In the tasks module, click on the Import/Export down-arrow-fill.svg button and select export-pdf.svg Export To CSV to export all the project tasks to a CSV file.


The following screens will guide the user through the export process. In the first step, the tasks for export will be shown in the the list. Use the Filter options, if needed, to refine the tasks to export. Click Next to continue. 


In the second step, choose the fields to include in the export. By default, all fields will be chosen and fields can be removed by deselecting the appropriate checkbox. At least one field must be selected to proceed. Click Next to continue. 


In the third step, a preview will appear of the data and file format that will be exported to the CSV file. Click Confirm to begin the export process.


Progress of the export will be shown, and when complete, a file will be downloaded. 


Users must have view permission in the tasks module to perform this action. 

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