Exporting multiple requirements to a JSON file

Multiple requirements may be exported to a JSON file. From the Manage Requirements screen, click on the Import/Exportdown-arrow-fill.svg button and select Export to JSON from the dropdown. This will, by default, select all the project requirements. Alternatively, in the tree view, right click on the parent entity and expand export-pdf.svg Export and select export-pdf.svgExport to JSON. This will select requirements within the chosen parent entity.  


The requirements to be exported will be shown in the list. Refine the list, if needed, using the Filter function. Click Export to begin. A file name will need to be provided, and then click ExportThe requirements will be exported as a zip file whose contents are the JSON file for the chosen requirements and for direct upstream and downstream requirements. Indirect upstream and downstream requirements will not be included in the chosen export. 


Users will need read permission for the chosen requirement to perform this action. A note in the file will indicate If a user does not have access to an upstream or downstream requirement. 

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