Insert a web link or an object link in a test case step

When editing the text of a test case step, web links and object links may be added. Xebrio objects that can be added are requirements, bugs, tasks, and text documents. Note that the test case must still be in the draft status to edit a step. Open the editor by clicking within the text area of the Action or Expected Results. Click the attachment icon attachment.svg. Select either Insert Web Link or Insert Object Link from the dropdown.


When adding an object link, choose Insert Object Link. Select the object type to link in the dropdown. Only one type of object may be added at a time. Click on the box next to the desired objects to link, and then click Insert to add them as links in the text document. The display text of the object may be edited once it has been added to the document. When still in edit mode, click on the object to open up the field where the display text may be edited. 


When adding a web link, choose Insert Web Link. Enter in the web address under the Link field, and the enter the desired text to display for that link under the Display Text field. To view the link before saving, click the Go To Link button to open the page in a new tab. 


Users will need view and edit permissions for test coverage to perform this action. The user maybe able to view all object links or only a subset depending on their project permissions. 

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