What is a custom attribute, and how to add one to a task

A custom attribute is a specific piece of information tied to an object in Xebrio. Examples would be the start or due dates of an object, the type, etc. Custom attributes can be created if there is a need for more fields in a module than provided by the system. A custom attribute can be of different types such as number, string, boolean, multiple choice, or date to allow users to store and track needed information. Custom attributes can be used to track specific tags of information for Xebrio objects. They can also be used as filters to quickly find the information any time.

To add a custom attribute to a task, navigate to the right side vertical panel of a task's detail window. Click on the custom attribute icon custom_attributes.png and edit the desired custom attributes.
If there are no custom attributes available, they may be added by project owners in the settings.svgSettings screen on the main left vertical panel. 
Users will need access to the tasks module and to the task to add custom attributes. 
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