Viewing task statuses in a project and creating custom statuses

Task statuses may be included or excluded in a project, and custom statuses may be created to customize the task workflow specific to the project.


In a project, project owners and those with permissions to configure project settings will have access to the project's Settings tab. To view the task statuses included in the project, navigate to the project settings menu and then to the Task Statuses secondary menu. In this window, click on the Included in Project button to view all the task statuses included in a project. To remove statuses from a project, uncheck the box for that status. 


Click on the Excluded from Project button to view the task statuses excluded from the project. To include them in a project, check the box for that status.  


To create a custom task status, navigate to the system's settings.svgSettings menu located in the left main vertical panel. Navigate to the status.svgStatuses secondary menu and then to the Task tab. Click on New Status to begin creating a new status. 

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