Editing custom task types and custom bug types

A custom type may be edited in the system's settings.svg Settings menu, located in the left main vertical panel. Navigate to the type.svg Types secondary menu and then to the appropriate Task or Bug tab. 


To edit a type, click on the vertical three dot menu menu-vertical.svg for the specific type and click edit.svgEdit.  Default system types will not have the option to edit; they will only have the option to associate statuses. The type description and the associated projects may be edited. The name and parent mapping may be updated if the custom type has not been used in a project. If it has been used, the name and mapping fields will not be editable. 


To associate statuses to a custom type, click on the vertical three dot menu menu-vertical.svgfor the specific type and click link.svgAssociate statuses. To remove an association, click on the close.svg for the respective status to remove it as an associated status. 

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