Manage email notifications for events and projects

Email notifications can be managed for certain events and projects. Click on the user avatar in the top right corner and select My Profile to go to the Profile and personal settings screen. Click on the Personal settings section in the left side menu.


If email notifications are enabled, a green toggle will be shown with all email preferences listed below. If disabled, a grey toggle will show. 


By default, all events and projects are enabled and added.


Events with email enabled will have the checkbox populated. 


To remove a project from an event, click the close-thin.svg next to the project. You may beed to click the ... icon to see the full list of projects. 


To add a project to an event, click on the plus-circle-fill.svg button for the specific event. Select the project(s) to add, and click Add. If the project does not appear in the list, it may already be added to the event. 

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