Importing test cases from a CSV file

The import feature in the test case module allows for bulk test case creation from a CSV file rather than manually creating test cases.  To import test cases from a CSV, the provided CSV file will need to be a in a standard format, so the fields used in the CSV file can be mapped to the corresponding Xebrio fields. 

In the Test Cases tab tab, click on the Import/Exportdown-arrow-fill.svg button and select Import from CSV to begin the process.

  • Step 1: Choose a valid CSV file by dragging and dropping a file or browsing your machine for one.  Note that Markdown Text is not supported while importing from CSV. 
    • If the file is in a wrong format or the file size exceeds the limit of 1MB, an error will appear. 
    • Once Xebrio validates the format and size, the Next button will be enabled. Click Next to proceed.
  • Step 2: Map the CSV fields to the corresponding Xebrio fields, with the columns from the CSV file listed under CSV Column Name and the pre-defined Xebrio system fields under Xebrio Field. Once a field is mapped it will have a green check mark to indicate it will be mapped when imported. Only mapped fields will be imported. Fields that are multi-choice will be mapped in the next step. Click Next to proceed.

Note that the test case name will only need to be included in the first row/first step of the test case. Subsequent test case steps should follow in order below the first step. The test case name should not be repeated in step 2 and greater. 

  • Step 3: For fields with multi-choices, map those choice values from the CSV file to the Xebrio pre-defined value set. Click Next to proceed.
  • Step 4: Optionally add a default owner if there are unassigned imported test cases.
    • Click Next to proceed.
  • Step 5: Validate the CSV file with mapped fields and values. Click Start Validating CSV.
    • Each record will be validated and a pass or fail indicator will appear for each.
    • Pass: A record which passes can be imported into Xebrio, and is indicated by a green check icon. 
  • Step 6: Import the passing records. If you are satisfied with the validation, click Import to import the passing records into Xebrio. Failed records will not be imported. There will be a message to confirm how many test cases are imported successfully, and a link to return to the Test Cases list. 

Users will need view and edit access in the test case module to import test cases. 


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